At DevCo our reputation comes from an earnest group of clients, all with diverse tastes, distinct needs and impeccable knowledge of value. We aim for the utmost in client satisfaction and have yet to fail. We strive to build the home of your dreams according to your needs and no one else’s! DevCo has a secure and accomplished building history with abudantly gratified client references. With our comprehensive warranty services, consistent client communication and flawless safety record we have been known as one of Southern California’s most proven custom home builders.

DevCo’s signature quality is second to none. We use only the most accomplished architects, artisans, and master craftsman to ensure your happiness. We attain the highest level of detail, professionalism and structure to provide you with quality never to be duplicated. DevCo is current on all the latest construction techniques, building codes, and we are bound by majestic craftmanship. DevCo always has examples, renderings and building samples for your review and we applaud the opportunity to show off our latest masterpieces. We have won two Golden Bugget Awards and are sure you will be impressed. DevCo understands how complex building your home really is and we want to make you secure in knowing you have chosen the right builder.

Building a home can often seem quite confusing. There are always several tasks in progress which can become overwhelming and sometimes nerve racking. With the possibility of problems arising at anytime, DevCo is the builder capable of stepping up to the plate to eliminate a catastrophe before it becomes one. Our resolute personnel of qualified, trust worthy and reliable individuals are always available for immediate service. We resolve service requests during and after construction, during the warranty period and offer prompt attention to all your inquiries. DevCo has the capabilities of walking you through the entire process of building your custom home from site preparation and financing to building permits and actual construction. We offer full service accommodations to bring you tremendous value and peace of mind to your building experience. DevCo makes sure you are comfortable in working with us. We keep you informed of all progress, we are honest and forthright, but most of all we make building your home a pleasurable endeavor with the end result of fulfilling your dreams!


At DevCo we understand that your home is a direct reflection of your personal taste, preference and style. That’s why we find imperative that your home is created to fit your needs. DevCo will ensure that the vision you have for your new home become the reality of your dreams.

Our professional consultants and construction managers will personally walk you through the planning of your home to expertly guiding and advising you on every step along the way. Our expertise and consulting is the biggest step in creating the home that enhances your life.

DevCo wants the development of your custom home to be an enjoyable experience you can savor, not a hassle you would like to forget. The building of your custom home should be a thrilling and exhilarating adventure. At DevCo, our services offered ensure just that.


Imagine your home is a complex puzzle. The fisrt step would be laying out all the pieces, seeing what you have to work with and what it will take you to create your masterpice. During pre-construction expenditure, excellence and time frame affect aspect through the duration of building your custom home. That is why we pride ourselves on delicately addressing each and every aspect involved; contributing as early as possible. DevCo offers many services to keep your custom home project running smoothly, efficiently and to your satisfaction.

  • We coordinate with architects and prepare an effective layout for all your structural, mechanical,
    plumbing and electrical needs.
  • We ensure the architects we work with properly plan to the highest standard.
  • We plan, evaluate and twice examine all decisions of your custom home prior to construction.


The next step would be eloquently placing the pieces together effectively in an organized fashion. Most likely, you will have several “mini-puzzles” that are created prior to combining the completed puzzle itself; the completion of your magnificent custom home. This is probably the most critical and fragile portion of building your custom home, but with the proper expertise it can be the most enjoyable. The construction of your dream home should effectively ensure your projects success. DevCo provides a highly formulated process to nearly eliminate time delays or any cost increases. Building your custom home should be exciting but not overwhelming, so at DevCo we provide:

  • Billing audits outlining your expenditure as well as cost to complete
  • Competitive pricing from valued and trusted tradesmen
  • Contracts with line item pricing analyzed against your budget
  • Overall summarization of your project’s progress

We understand choosing the right subcontractor with the right price can be confusing and sometimes even downright frightening. That is why we developed attorney approved agreements that ensure the highest level of performance from each chosen subcontractor.

Construction Management

During the construction of your custom home remember there will be several mini-puzzles going on. That is why DevCo’s custom home division offers the highest level of construction management services. Our trained and experienced construction managers, project coordinators, superintendents and consultants are always available to address any questions, concerns or even a brief review of your project status. We offer weekly on-site evaluations, weekly scheduling advisories and ensure onsite project control. With our team of experienced, highly educated and professional personnel, we guarantee the absolute supreme standards of client communication.


Congratulations! Your custom home is completed. That complex puzzle is now a work of art. Your custom home is exquisitely elegant, but we do not stop there. DevCo has services to assist you far beyond the completion of your home. We at DevCo are solely committed to the satisfaction of our clients. We offer post-construction services that assure our clients complacency, such as:

An extensive list of recommendations for upkeep and maintenance. Organized warranty binders with complete explanations and contact information. Immediate assistance with any warranted work needing repair.


DevCo’s risk management department takes care of all your insurance necessities. We are equipped with and carry all the proper insurance requirements. We also verify and maintain that all subcontractors are current and that home is properly protected.

At DevCo we understand how delicate and valuable your home really is. When it comes to hiring the right developer, choose the educated developer! Choose the dependable developer! Choose the developer you can trust with your most precious possession! Choose the custom home division at DevCo!